STORK - what is it?

STORK is a competitiveness and innovation framework programme, co-funded by EU. It aims at implementing an EU wide interoperable system for recognition of eID and authentication that will enable businesses, citizens and government employees to use their national electronic identities in any Member State. It will also pilot transborder eGovernment identity services and learn from practice on how to roll out such services, and to experience what benefits and challenges an EU wide interoperability system for recognition of eID will bring.
The STORK interoperable solution for electronic identity (eID) is based on a distributed architecture that will pave the way towards full integration of EU e-services while taking into account specifications and infrastructures currently existing in EU Member States. The solution provided is intended to be robust, transparent, safe to use and scalable, and should be implemented in such a way that it is sustainable beyond the life of the pilot.
The project will:

It will do so by preparing for and implementing several pilots with services that will have significant potential impact and are adequately secure, by making use of open standards where possible and respecting with data protection regulations.
The pilots will test the common specification on eID for several applications that have a substantial impact on eGovernment across Europe: You can find more information about STORK at FAQ.

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